Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Strength

Church today was wonderful, as always.  I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I take it for granted up here.  At least I hope not.  There  is always something that really touches me.  Today, it was the opening and the closing hymn.  The opening hymn was "I Believe in Christ."  I remembered singing that to Aaron several weeks ago, and his spirit singing it back to me.  He does believe in Christ, and he knows that it is through the miracle of the atonement that one day, he will be healed and whole in the royal courts on high. 

The closing hymn was a sweet song from the Children's Song Book, "He Sent His Son."  Last March, after we knew but before we told others about Aaron's challenges, I was asked to teach it to the primary children.  It's a simple hymn about how God has taught us.  He taught love and tenderness by sending his son as a little baby.  He taught us the pathway we should go by having Christ walk with men on earth.  And He taught sacrifice and death by sending His only begotten son to die for us and then rise and live again.  As I talked to the children about the song, we spoke of how precious and tender a little baby is.  Then we talked about what a wonderful example and teacher someone can be.  Then as we spoke of the third part, I asked if they thought it must have been hard for Heavenly Father to watch his beloved Son die.  It must have, but He did, and Christ allowed it because of Their great love for each of us.  And what do they ask of us?  To have faith, hope, and live like Jesus taught.  Not always easy, but what we must strive for.  And the miracle is that His grace will make up the difference between what we can do and what justice requires. 

Last week, another mom who has walked this road with her little one sent me this video.  It's been a rough enough week that I didn't feel I could watch it until today.  I was right that it would be hard, but oh so touching.  A reminder that He always does carry me, not only me, but Aaron, and not only us, but the rest of our family as well.  Because although so worth it, the road is hard and the only way we can make it is through His strength.  Please watch this.  I hope it will give you hope and help in your trials, whatever they may be. 

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  1. Rebekah, I am so inspired by your faith! I love you!
    Hugs, Mindy