Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Youngest Sibling Tricks

The youngest sibling...


Actually, I have no personal experience with this.  I'm the oldest.  So is my husband.  But we certainly have a youngest, and he's a nut.

The way our family has worked, the younger kids get hauled around to all the other activities.  Too young to be left on their own, so they come along, and along, and along, and just get fit in wherever.  And they make sure no one forgets about them.

So this summer wasn't quite "relaxing."  Oh, it was filled with some awesome things.  But a couple times lately I told my husband that school needs to start so I can go back to full time work so things can settle down.  Sounds weird, I know.  But still...

We had a missionary homecoming, a bridal shower, a temple sealing, a wedding dinner, wedding, reception, and of course, the requisite scout camps, doctor appointments, soccer tournaments, and everything else!  Whew!  See what I mean about needing school to start??

So then there's Aaron.  Yep, the youngest.  Gotta make sure we don't forget him, right?  Gotta pull out that bag of tricks.

His latest?  Undoing his diaper and taking his g-tube button out (twice in three days!).


So. Much. Fun.


But school HAS started.  We're going with the "first week of school" pictures 'cause Mom forgot to get one of the kids yesterday.  There's only three this year.  You'd think she could get it right.  Oh well.

Here's to a new school year.

And learning new (good!) tricks.

He's a nut.

"I'm the youngest.  The rules don't apply to me."