The "Go" Bag

Here's what we travel with for Aaron.  It seems really complicated, but it's not, because we only had to organize it once.  Then when we use something, we just make sure to replace it.

Except there was the one time when I forgot to replace diapers and ended up without any.  Arg!  The one staple of EVERY baby's "go" bag.

THE Go Bag

  • changing pad, wipes, gloves
  • 4 diapers
  • lotion/chapstick
  • bullets
  • sunglasses
  • 3ml leur lock syringe (for his trach cuff)
  • sanitizer
  • medical forms, history and physical, picture book
  • hearing aid case
  • vice grips for opening and closing oxygen tanks
  • Adult painkiller (yeah, VERY necessary)
  • 2 trachs, one regular and one smaller size
  • ambu-bag
  • extra clothes/bib
  • extra oxygen tubing
  • suction tubing
  • pulse/ox probes
  • scissors and hemostats
  • no-nos (arm restraints)
  • suction catheters -- BBG, closed suction, and a regular 8fr catheter
  • g-tube emergency kit 
  • Albuterol and Flovent with tear-drop spacers
  • trach emergency kit with surgilube, ties, drain sponges and q-tips
  • flashlight

Mini Go Bag

Inside the "go" bag, I also have a mini go bag.  This actually is what I usually pull out, it's got the supplies we use all the time around the house, just for regular things:
  •  60 ml syringe (for tummy venting, also known as burping)
  • nasal aspirator
  • bullets (lots of these)
  • thermometer
  • 3 ml leur lock syringe
  • hearing aid batteries
  • me-fix tape
  • bag balm
  • oxygen key
  • drain sponges
  • coban
  • his "nose" (HME for his trach)
  • flex-ends

Ventilator bag

  • test lung, so if we have to take him off the vent, we don't have to turn it off or listen to it alarm
  • hemostats
  • filters
  • extra oxygen connectors for the ventilator
  • pulse/ox charge cord (the vent cord is permanently attached, yea!)

Suction bag

  • 60 ml syringe
  • wipes
  • bullets
  • drain sponges
  • car charger
  • suction catheters (BBG, closed suction and 8 fr catheter)
  • "noses" (HMEs)
  • 3 ml leur lock syringe

Feeding bag

  • feeding pump/food
  • flushes for after feeding
  • 60 ml syringe with a cloth
  • bib
  • extra feeding extension
  • small fan
  • rain poncho
  • allen wrench
  • Trisomy support cards
  • Aaron's "business" cards

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