Saturday, April 17, 2021


We get to go HOME today!!  

Probably our fastest rhino admit ever. (4 days, people!) I’m not going looking.  If someone wants to doublecheck, that’s fine.  Just do a search for rhino and be prepared for a LOT of posts.  It’s our nemesis.  

Anyway, he’s on “sick” settings on his vent to keep his lungs open, but still, HOME!!

Thank goodness for a mini-ICU at home.  

I remember a PICU parents lunch several years ago (we had those weekly pre-Covid) where I mentioned we were hoping to go home that day.  A poor mom sitting across from me got kinda excited.

“You mean you can discharge straight from the PICU?”

Her little one was in with RSV and had just bounced back to the PICU from the floor.  They had been hoping for home but she wasn’t quite there yet, and I’d gotten her hopes up again.  

The social worker gently chimed in, “SHE can go home from the PICU, you won’t be able to.”

And I explained that we already had at home a ton of medical equipment.  She was glad her baby wasn’t going to have all of our “accessories” but still disappointed.

But here we go!  (And I get my 20 foot work commute back again tonight.)

Ah! there is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort. 
~Jane Austen