Saturday, June 19, 2021

Eleven Trips Around the Sun

So very tiny....

When Aaron was born, before he was born, we decided that we were not going to do anything "heroic."  We didn't want to "torture" him.  

But when he was born not breathing, we knew we had to try to resuscitate him.  

Quickly brought around, our little guy was transferred to the NICU where he let us know exactly what was and what was not okay.

Arterial lines?  Feeding tubes?  Labs and echos?  No problem. 

A diaper change?  No thanks!  I seriously told my one-day-old baby that those were just part of life and he needed to suck it up. 

And so time went on.  After a harrowing day six and seven of life where he chose this life over death, he improved steadily and came home at 16 days old.  

And so life continued...  

1 Year Old    
Two Years Old
Three Years Old

Four Years Old

Five Years Old

Six Years Old

Seven Years Old

Eight Years Old

Nine Years Old

Ten Years Old

 Eleven Years Old!!!

The past year has brought a lot of new experiences and challenges.  A pandemic and lock-down.  School at home, and then back in the classroom with many precautions, including severe restrictions on where he could have suctioning and other life-saving cares.

Nurses who wear masks the whole time they interact and no church attendance for him.

Looking forward to being able to get his vaccine, hopefully this fall.

Aaron's heart and lungs continue to deteriorate.  We pray they can hold out much, much longer.  He sleeps more than before, but he loves to interact with family and watch movies.  

He loves science and books and art.  Isn't much into writing though.  You know, kinda like most fifth and sixth grade boys.  

Mostly, he's ours, our son, brother, grandson, friend, teacher.  He is as much our ministering angel as we are his.  Maybe more.  

Let us relish life as we live it,
find joy in the journey,
and share our love with friends and family.
President Thomas S. Monson