Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Week in Review

This week has been a pretty busy week.  We started on Tuesday with a visit to his plastic surgeon.  Dr. Sidiqqi was pleased with how Aaron's lip looked, but doesn't want us to start massaging the scar for another two weeks since he had that big hematoma ten days after his previous surgery.  There is a little bit of additional bruising and swelling that we've noticed tonight, so we'll hope that nothing comes of it.  His last scab fell off during church today.

Friday was the last day of day camp at Jeremiah Johnson.  Three of the older kids worked up there this summer (and two youngers got to attend as campers), and the last day is a staff family picnic.  So Aaron got to go up to the Wild, Wild West.  And a good thing too, because the council has finally gotten approval to tear the facilities down and build new ones for next year.  I think this has been in the works for at least six years.  Anyway, we all enjoyed it.  It was his second time up there.  Last year we took him and he celebrated by having his very last apnea episode during dinner.  This year he was much more well behaved.

Earlier this week, I put Aaron in the rocking chair to change his bedding.  As I started pulling out his stuffed animals and piling them in the chair as well, I realized there were so many, there almost wasn't room for him.  Then we grabbed a few more and the camera, and had our own ET shot.  Anyone else remember the scene where he hides in the closet with all the stuffed animals?  I think it was one of my favorites.

Aaron had his semi-annual developmental evaluation this week.  I don't have the formal results, but it looks like he's about a four to five month level over all with some scattering abilities up to eight months.  He was also twisting a lot on the blanket on the floor and willing to bear a little weight on his legs when we tried to help him stand.  Mark, his occupational therapist, thinks it may be time to bring in a physical therapist as well.  Aaron is really enjoying playing with his toys in his bed.  He especially loves to hit the bells and make them ring right when Mommy lies down for a nap.  Wake up and play, Mom!

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  1. Great pictures! Yes-of course I remember the E.T. scene. We love you!