Friday, July 15, 2011

A New Bump in the Road (and on the Mouth)

Last night, Aaron's lip was much more swollen. I took some pictures and sent them with pictures from earlier to the resident in plastics. He thought Aaron would be okay with ice and Motrin. But after his attending actually saw the pictures (instead of just the description?), he told him to get back in touch with me and have Aaron seen because he's probably got some kind of infection. So this morning, we're going in to have it seen. REALLY hoping we can have a simple fix, like oral antibiotics. Some things are simple, aren't they???

FYI: Hospital hierarchy: Intern = 1st year out of medical school; Resident = 2-5 year out of medical school; Attending = Doctor in charge of teaching interns, residents, and everything else. When we're in-patient, sometimes I gage how rough Aaron is having it by noting which I'm seeing. If it's mostly residents & interns and the attending stops once a day or so, I know we're pretty good. Likewise if we're in PICU and have been handed off to a NP (nurse practitioner). If we see the attending more than anyone else, I know I should be worried. Lots of fun.

7/14/11 6 p.m. Day 8 post-op
7/14/11 6 p.m. Day 8 post-op

7/12/11 5 pm  Day 6
7/11/11 4 pm  Day 5

7/8/11 10 am  48 hours
7/8/11  10 am  48 hours


  1. Rebekah,

    Man o man what an amazing little boy you have got. I just got done reading through your blog and I am so amazed by your strength. I know you would never choose to go through something like this with your child, but man are you fighting this battle with your head held high. What a tough road to be on. I have experienced only a portion of the pain you have and I admire the way you have handeled things. I think about you and Aaron often. What a lucky mom you are to have such an amazing fighter. And of course, what a lucky boy to have such a fighter for a mom. A real example of unconditional love. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I will always be checking up on you and your sweet boy. You are always in my prayers. Holden has blessed our lives in so many ways and one of them is he has brought people like you into our lives. We were so lucky to have you as his 'nicu neighbor'for that short time. I look forward to keeping in touch and give that little aaron hugs and kisses from our family.



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