Monday, April 29, 2013

Onward and Upward (or Downward??)

We are, right now at this moment, sitting on four liters of oxygen.  I don't know if he will stay here, but if he spends today bouncing between four and five instead of five to six like yesterday, and six to eight like Saturday, well, that's progess!

He's having lots of fun playing all night and sleeping during the day.  His therapist came in this morning and mentioned that he'd had a hard night.  I said, "no, he was playing all night."  She said, "yeah, I heard he didn't sleep a wink."  Well, for you or me, that might mean a rough night.  For him, that's pretty much the norm. 

And right now, he's sawing logs.  I mean, really.  He's snoring and it's pretty loud.  Maybe I should be grateful he played all night.  This might have been hard to sleep through.  But it also means that his leak in his airway is back.  It was gone for about a week because his trachea was swollen while he was sick.  The swelling is gone and he's back to making noise.

All sorts of good things going on.  Still baby-stepping his way back to health.  But it's pretty steady progress.  Hey, I'll take that.

Always have an air of expentancy.
-Steven Richards


  1. Little steps make large movements eventually. Glad to hear he is making positive progress. Fingers crossed he keeps it up!