Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Steps and Really Cute Pictures!

Aaron continues to improve, although very slowly.  He's taking baby steps, which is okay.  My kids tell me he's really not still a baby, he IS almost three, but he still acts a lot like a baby.  I call him our "forever baby."  He has been stable on five liters of oxygen now for several hours, so it's coming.  It's just taking time.

Back in January, I was notified that a friend had nominated Aaron for a photo shoot through Olivia's Act.    I didn't even know anything about it.  One of the little victims in Newtown was Olivia Engle.  Her family had recently had pictures taken professionally and these became treasures in time that has followed. 

Just before getting sick, Aaron had his photo shoot.  Stacey did such an awesome job!  I just love these pictures of our little man.  Bare Baby Photography is out in Eagle Mountain and has a ton of really cute props. 

I got these in an email yesterday.  What a fun suprise to brighten the day while in the hospital.  I think Aaron was already feeling a bit off, because he wasn't nearly as animated as usual, but I these are just priceless.  Thank you, Stacey and all the other photographers that have given this priceless gift. 

Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.
  Rosa Parks


  1. Great pictures! So glad he is getting better, even if it is under his own terms! lol <3

  2. I LOVE the pictures of you and Aaron together!