Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet

I'm being vewy, vewy quiet about this.  Kind of like when Elmer is hunting wabbits.  So shhhh.

We might be coming around the corner.  His breathing treatments have been spaced out to four hours as of this morning at 2:00.  Last night, he was more like himself, alert and interactive if not quite happy. 

But this morning, he's restless again, and while his lungs sound a bit better, his heart rate is higher and he's a little less stable on the oxygen.  Nothing way out of whack, but enough that I'm not feeling that final home stretch yet. 

We ran some more tests because he had a low-grade fever again and was still really wheezy, even with all the treatments.  His white blood count (measures infection) is higher, but his CRP which measures how his body is reacting to stress, is lower.  Go figure, he's still got us guessing.  His x-ray also looked a lot like him, patches of clouds where the tissue isn't all the way open. 

So we'll consult with pulmonology and also with the wound care team today.  (That dratted sore that he STILL has on his g-tube stoma.)  Also, I'll try to pick the home vent coordinator's brain about where we go from here once we do make it home. 

Don't give up, don't you quit. 
You keep trying, you keep walking.
There is help and happiness ahead...
Trust in God and believe in good things to come.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.


  1. Our "Specially-Abled" Son has a Partial Trisomy 13 & 17. But, would love to be members.


  2. Oh, Rebekah ... prayers that he is indeed turning the corner.