Thursday, March 28, 2013


Aaron had a really good night last night, and a pretty good day yesterday.  We did get a CRP which measures inflammation in the blood.  It's a non-specific test in that it measures the stress the body is dealing with.  For example, just after surgery, it spikes but should then decline.  His numbers were higher than normal, but he's also been sick.  So I'm hoping we'll get another today and that it is lower, or at least the same.  If it is, I think we may get sprung.  YEA!!  If it's higher, well, we'll deal with that, too.

So that's what's going on, in a nut shell.  His viral panel came back negative, which means out of the hundreds of viruses out there, he doesn't have one of the five or seven most common.  Was it bacterial?  Maybe, but they've hit him with some high-powered antibiotics over the past 48 hours.  Could it be viral?  Probably.  He has been sick with something, and his lower right lung has more collapse.  What caused the collapse?  Good question.  But no fever for the last 24 hours, and MUCH happier.  He spent all night up, playing and smiling.  And now he's asleep.  Yep, I think we've got our bug back.

The treatment is really a cooperative of a trinity,
the patient, the doctor and the inner doctor.
Ralph  Bircher


  1. You are a wonderful, blessed mother and I love the detail and spirit in your posts. God bless.

  2. I'm so glad to hear Aaron is doing better. Bless you all.