Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Ready...

Aaron's bed is on the way!  We found out that it was approved about a month ago and started getting ready for it.  

Yeah, I was a bit impatient, but in my defense, I also knew that shoulder surgery was coming up.  Not really thinking I wanted to be moving things around and carpet cleaning while also trying to not use my right arm, you know, the one I do EVERYTHING with.

This is Aaron's room.  This was essentially the
way we set it up when he got his trach.
We hadn't planned on the trach or the
nursing care he would need, so this
is what we came up with on the fly almost
two years ago.  It really hasn't changed much.

Get ready...

His new bed is much bigger than the crib, so the piano had to be moved out.  It ended up in the family room, next door.  Probably a much better place for it anyway.  

The carpet was really nasty.  There were soda spills from a nurse, various medicine splatters, and of course, just the usual dirt and grime that has accumulated over time.  But it cleaned up really well!

Aaron hung out in the family room while his dresser and supplies were in the foyer, waiting for the carpet to dry.  This was all done over fall break in October, back when I was still able to use that silly shoulder of mine.  

Right now, he's hanging out in about the same spot again, waiting on his bed.  It's coming this afternoon!  Can't wait!  The kids moved things out for me this morning because it should be here before they're home from school.  On the shoulder front, it's still healing.  Went to the doctor today for stitches removal and he say's I'm doing very well.  Now I start physical therapy and will be on light work loads for the next six weeks or so.  Then hopefully, all will be back to normal, whatever that is.  

More pictures coming when it's all set up!  Stay Tuned!!

Life’s battles don't always go to the strongest or fastest man, But sooner or later the man who wins is the fellow who thinks he can.” ~Steve Prefontaine

Thankful thoughts:

November 2nd: I'm grateful for time with my oldest son while we were working on finishing his mission physical. He's got some great insights.

November 3rd: I'm grateful for my mom. It's her birthday. She even survived my teenage years. That means that she can handle ANYTHING!

November 4th: I'm grateful for warm socks. I can't stand to have cold feet and my kids' soccer socks are wonderful!

November 5th: I'm grateful for choices in education. Regular classes aren't working for my 7th grader, so we're pulling him out to home school his core classes. But he can still go to school with his friends for his electives. Life is about to get much more complicated for me, but it will be much better for him, and that's what's important.

November 6th:  I'm grateful for the chance to vote.  I don't know that everything and everyone I voted for will win, but I've tried to be heard.  And I'm grateful that as ugly and backbiting as some of the campaigns have become, when it comes time to inaugurate the winners and enact the winning propositions, it will be a peaceful transition.  There won't be bloodshed or terror involved in the change.  I'm grateful for our nation and for all that have worked so hard to make it the wonderful place it is.

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