Saturday, April 28, 2012

We're HOME!

Sound asleep, with clothes
in his own bed.

We are HOME!  There was a small hiccup in the night, but while there was concern among his nurse and RT, but in reality, it's just a normal Aaron quirk.  So no biggie.  He had a few desats this morning.  He's still not 100%.  But each time I pulled some thick plugs out and he bounced right back up.  Right now he's sitting a little high on his usage, but it's coming up on time for another breathing treatment and he did have the stress of the car ride home.  He's sound asleep in his bed and we're both grateful to be back.

Here's a few last pictures from our stay.

Playing coy with the camera.
Until it came out, he was full of grins.

A sweet picture a child painted for him.
It says, "Stand out, don't fit in"
and has this cute blue flower among
all the pink ones.

Sound asleep with his menagerie of toys.

Still sleeping.  The little tiger
came from the paramedics
that transported him.

We tag him so we can figure out who he is
in the hospital.  This is in lieu of a traditional
hospital tag.  That hangs on his bed.
Easier that way.


  1. So happy to hear that he's home! What a cutie! He is one tough cookie!

  2. So glad you busted outta there! It was so great finally meeting both of you. You are both soamazing!

  3. So happy you're home and doing well! You need to take care of that shoulder now you don't have the whole hospital helping you.......