Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a Day!

I sit here, overwhelmed with gratitude and joy at the love that so many show our Aaron.  Last night was incredible.  From the first guests, our firefighters/paramedics, all the way through until the last guest (a little 4 year old girl) left, there was so much love and support.  The fire engine & ambulance pulled up just before 5:30.  I was still putting Aaron in his wheelchair when my sister, Michelle, called out that since she didn't think I'd called 911, our first guests were here.  I actually had a few neighbors really worried that there might be something bad going on.  I found it funny that they all stood outside on the sidewalk

for a while.  When I got Aaron situated, I opened the door and invited them in.  I told them that they of all people, knew how to open my door and walk in.  It was so great to have them here.  They have meant so much to us this past year.  Without them, Aaron would not still be with us.

Getting Ready for the Party!  My sister, Michelle, made these cute posters and was responsible for getting us set up.  She came up from Arizona to help us celebrate and we had so much fun.

The preemie outfit on the left was too
big for Aaron when we brought him home.
The one next to it is what he wears now!
Michelle made the "I Can" book for him and
we had guests write notes to him for his
birthday book.

Most of the kids.  clockwise:  Deborah, Michael, David,
Joseph, Jonathan, Matthew, Andrew, & AARON.
(Mary is back east on Heritage Tours.)

A few of our many, many guests.  Thank you so much for coming.

Joseph ready to welcome guests.

Our pediatrician, Dr. Knorr and his nurse, Cassie,
also came to see Aaron.

Of course, the little guy decided to show everyone who was really in charge, and slept through most of his party. 
Shannon &Tonya Blackham came
to see Aaron.  They've been some of
his biggest cheerleaders.

The Miller Family

Grandma Wiess & Grandpa Bear

The Abbott Family

Aunt Alice and cousins

Katie & Mom

Me, my sisters Michelle & Mara, and my niece, Lauren
Pheobe & Udell Blackham.  They graciously
offered to man the kitchen.  I didn't do a
thing.  They handled it all.  Such a
wonderful gift!!

It's time to try to wake up our guest of honor.  He had snoozed through all the guests arrivals, but he needed to be awake for the balloons and his cake.

Yesterday's weather was typical of Utah:  if you don't like it, wait five minutes and it will change.  It started out windy, then cleared up, but by party time we had some dark clouds gathering.  We had set up to be outside, but had to gather in the table clothes and chairs.  It was sprinkling as we went out to set off the balloons, but stopped almost immediately.  William welcomed everyone and told them that he saw the balloons as symbolic of all the prayers that have been offered on Aaron's behalf over the past year or so.  Then he read a poem about balloons that are set free.  In it, a child asks about balloons.  He wonders what they do on their journey, get stuck, popped and so on.  Then he decides that God gathers them each day and gives them to the angels children to play.  William read it because I couldn't get past the first two words.  There are so many precious souls that have been called home this past year.  I hope they had fun with all the colors.  Just as William finished the poem, the clouds broke, sending a beautiful ray of sunshine down.

 We had so many balloons, I think the local store ran out of hellium.  I wonder which color each angel chose.

Cake Time! I don't know what Aaron thought of his cake.  He seemed to think it was fun to wipe his hands in the frosting.  I looked at his suction ballard and decided there was no way I was going to be able to get it clean.  Then I remembered that it was ballard-change day and I hadn't done it yet.  So we just changed it.  Magic, it's clean again!

Just as we were finishing with his cake, a beautiful rainbow appeared.

Afterwards, Aaron decided that maybe this party thing was fun after all.  A nurse at PCMC, and a distant relative, brought him a fun balloon that we tied to his chair.  He LOVED it.

Michael thought it was pretty cool, too.
 We love our little bug so much.  As much as we give him, he gives us more.  He teaches us so much about love and peace.  His is an invaluable gift to give.  He touches all who come in contact with him and they are better for knowing him.  Happy Birthday, Aaron.


  1. Thank you so much for the invite. I loved seeing Aaron bright blue eyes and handsome smile. This morning I went walking and one of the girls I walk with had went home before a few of us and I saw her walking down the street a few minutes later and when she gets to me she says " Your on the front page" well half of me :) . I didn't even realize Deseret News was there! I have been bragging all day that I was one of the first to meet this little Miracle!!! Thanks for letting be apart of Aarons Life! Im truly honored!!!!

  2. I love seeing all the pictures from Aaron's celebration!

  3. I wish I could have come. I thank you for sharing Aaron with us. What a blessing to you and your family and Happy Birthday Aaron!!!
    Linda Warnick

  4. I loved seeing that rainbow behind Aaron! It was like God smiling on him. :)

  5. What a great party! Happy, happy birthday to Aaron! He is an inspiration to us!

    Jenny, mom to Julia (t18 born 11/30/10)