Friday, June 17, 2011

Good News, Hard Time and a Looong Day.

Good news first:  it looks like Aaron's nissen is still intact.  I heard from the surgeon's office and his pH study came back completely normal.  I know we had stomach acid issues and reflux in his g-tube, so while it was there, none of it was making it's way into his esophagus.  So no surgery redo.  YEA!!

Now the Hard Time (but it's not Aaron):  Today I was struggling to stay awake (more on that later) and so I decided to lie down in Aaron's room.  Just after I fell asleep, Andrew came in to tell me that Joseph was rollerblading down from the top of our street and going very fast.  Now, we've patched up a bunch of knees and elbows lately and I really wasn't in the mood to have my nap interrupted that way.  So I figured the best way to avoid that is to use the electronic babysitter and have the boys watch a movie while I slept.  I sent Andrew out to get Joseph.  He may have barely gotten out there when there was a knock at the door.  It was their neighbor friend saying Joseph had hurt his arm.  I asked, mostly rhetorically, on the way out, did he break his arm.  And from the front lawn I hear another neighbor say, "Yes, he most definitely did."  Um, yeah, the forearm isn't supposed to be all wavy.  It almost looked like there was a second elbow, except the curve went back and forth just below the wrist. (Sorry, maybe I should have said, not for the squeamish.)

So away we went to the emergency room.  The staff at American Fork was wonderful.  He was in so much pain and they got him on morphine and x-rayed and sedated very quickly.  It was kind of fascinating to watch the orthopedist manipulate it back in.  He then splinted it and sent us on our way.  Joseph woke up as he finished the splint and looked up and very clearly said, "Thank you, doctor."  But the poor kid is still in a lot of pain.  I have to give him ibuprofen every four hours for this first day or so.  And he was supposed to start practicing with an all-star baseball team tonight.  Not anymore.  Baseball is definitely out for the summer.  He'll get his cast on Tuesday and have to wear it for 6 weeks.   He and Aaron can match.  Aaron goes for his cast on his left foot to help straighten it on Monday and he'll have various casts for 6-12 weeks depending on how it goes.

The long day started about 2:30 this morning with Michael.  His tummy wasn't happy and he was up and down the rest of the night, which is why I really wanted that nap.  Oh well.  My grandpa used to say, "No rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need it."  I know he always seemed to be on the go and never needed to rest.  Me, I think I must be wicked.  Because I sure feel like I could use some.


  1. Your grandpa's statement made me smile. Motherhood can be so exhausting! I told my husband not long ago that I guess I could catch up on sleep in heaven. But there's no night there! So maybe not. :) But it's OK - every minute with them is a blessing.

  2. Beautiful blog. Your heading is truly wonderful. My son was born with Trisomy 13 about 5 years ago but he only lived for about 2 hours after birth. He was a blessing to my family. Thanks for sharing your experiences. God Bless.