Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trials and Blessings

Happy, Happy Bug!!!

As I sit here writing, I can hear William reading "Green Eggs & Ham" or a version of it, to the boys.  They're laughing and giggling at his funny rendition.  All the kids are currently in the house.  I'm not sure what they're all up to, but I know they're all here.  It is so wonderful.

Today in church it seemed like the topic was on trials and blessings.  I was asked to share a few thoughts on that.  I guess it's pretty obvious that our life has changed pretty dramatically in the past year and a half.  BUT, as crazy and hard as it sometimes has been and is, I would not change it.  We have been blessed immeasurably.  And we continue to be blessed.  I would not have chosen this, but I could not see where it would take us.  Aaron has taught us things about ourselves and each other that we could learn in no other way.  Our trials are custom-made for each of us.

I am amazed at how tailored our challenges are.  In the PICU, on Thursdays, there is a parent luncheon.  Those who want to gather, have lunch and usually some kind of speaker.  We also talk, sometimes a lot.  The thing that is so incredible to me is that I don't think one of us would trade places with another.  I can't imagine watching a previously healthy, active child lying still in a bed because of cancer therapy, or an accident.  The other parents can't fathom having a child that was told they would never live and have no expectation of a long life.  Each of us is grateful for our own, but we still empathize with the others.  Because, if you're at that lunch, your child needs intensive, specialized, life-saving care.  

Aaron is scheduled to go in for surgery in ten days, on July 6th.  I think we'll also be changing his vent settings as well.  I'm really hoping he does okay on the settings he's on until then.  We chase oxygen up and down quite a bit, but his other numbers are still stable.  As long as they are, we're okay.  But it's a little bitter-sweet too.  His quirky little smile will change.  And we probably won't see any smile for a little while.  It will hurt too much.  So we'll concentrate on taking as many smile pictures as we can for now.  Because there's nothing quite so wonderful as his smile.  It just melts your heart.

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  1. Amen to everything you said about the blessings these children are! And who would have known? We'll be praying that Aaron's surgery goes well and he recovers quicker than anyone thinks is possible!