Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Not Yet...

He's still partying up here, still pulling off his leads, and laughing and playing.  And still using lots and lots of oxygen.

BUT we've ruled out heart issues, which makes my own heart beat more easily.  See, there aren't many more options for his poor tattered heart.  However, his labs look good and his echo was even (a little bit) better than his last one.

Now we're looking at his digestive system.  Many, MANY kiddos with trisomy struggle with one aspect or another there.  Other than the "breathe, suck, swallow" sequence he never quite figured out (maybe because it was so hard to just breathe, period!) Aaron hasn't had issues there.  Except maybe now he does.  They just did an abdominal x-ray and yep, he's got a lot of "stuff" in there, "down there" and it ain't moving so well on it's own.  Not yet.  Which could very well explain what's happening.

They're also going to order some more bloodwork to make sure he's got enough red blood cells to carry that oxygen around, and maybe even a lung CT to check for scarring and progression of his lung disease. And I'll even get to visit with the dietician.  I called in on Monday and made an appointment for two weeks out.  We'll just take care of that while we're already here.

So no real answers, yet.  But definitely some reassurance about what it's not.  We won't be going home today or even tomorrow.  We're not there, not yet.  But it will happen.

It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.
J.R.R. Tolkien 

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  1. Your loving, faith filled words and the quotes you share always inspire and amaze me with how perfectly they paint the essence of your adventures. Thank you.