Monday, December 29, 2014

Quick Update

Just a quick update here.  The last 24 hours have been a bit of a ride.

We switched Aaron to his home vent on his home settings yesterday morning, and as I guessed, things changed up a bit when he woke up.  There was a question as to whether or not he would even be able to stay on the home vent, but he did manage to push through it.  He had to be bagged a couple of times, but they were a few hours apart, and then he'd settle down and do okay.

This afternoon, they moved us up to the floor, and he started struggling again.  I lost count of the times we bagged him in the first hour and a half we were on the floor.  And that was after increasing his oxygen to 15 liters.

We didn't even get very far until we increased his PEEP (the pressure you always have in your lungs) while bagging him.  But back on the vent, he struggled again.  Finally, we changed his vent settings entirely, and right now, he's doing "okay."

We're watching, and his doc has parked herself right outside our door working on paperwork.  He's getting a breathing treatment right now.  Frankly, if he can't maintain, we're going to rapid response back into the PICU.  Been there, done that, but never quite this fast.  We've only been out for two hours now.

So please, pause a minute and say a prayer for our little guy, and the rest of our family.  It's looking like we'll need a miracle to get him home by New Year's.

“Be realistic: Plan for a miracle” 
― Osho


  1. Oh that scares me to read. For both of you. I will step up the prayers! Hugs!

  2. Love you guys! Sending love hugs and healing vibes to you. Hang in there buddy!!