Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We're Home!  YEA!!!

He's still gunky, still sick, but sick like most of us do it.  You know, feel yucky, need tissues (or suction), want to sleep.  But with oxygen and vitals in a good spot.  So yea!!

As far as admits went, this was an easy one.  And we hit the nurse jackpot, too.  Our PICU nurse, both days, was an old friend.  And then the four days on the floor were the same way!  (Okay, one PICU day and one floor day, actually equal one day, 'cause we spent part of Saturday on each.  You know, 1+1=1, right?)  Then at night, we also had old friends except in the case of one night, then we made a new one.  I'm sorry, not all nurses are created equal. Some are simply much better than others.  And that's where these fall.

Funny thing, today's nurse mentioned it was kinda weird that Aaron was easily the most stable kid in the pod (I think eight total), for which I'm grateful!

Anyway, more tools in the toolbox, more stamina and strength in the kiddo.  I'm liking this combination.  It should get us through.

Oh, and if anyone local is getting rid of a reliable washer and dryer just a'cause, could you let me know?  My washer is on the way out, and my dryer has completely given up the ghost.  Fun times when you've got a kiddo with the antibiotic runs going.

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~Jane Austen

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