Sunday, October 28, 2012

What We're Doing

This week has been a challenge, but they say challenges are meant to be overcome.

I had surgery on my shoulder on Wednesday and it went really well.  I'm weaning off the high-powered pain killers and doing okay.  I've only had Tylenol since last night, but of course, it's still really stiff and I have to be careful as I move.  I have enjoyed getting a whole lot more sleep these past few days than I'm used to.  Combination of some crazy meds and nothing really to do.  It has been nice to relax.

Deborah got into a crash with four of the boys on Friday night.  It wasn't a big one.  In fact, the two youngest were really excited about it.  They have no idea the headache that comes with trying to get the insurance straightened out.  BUT, she called about it literally two minutes after I took my pain and nausea medication.  The kind that make it difficult to even stand up after taking.  And all I could do was sit and wait for them to make their way home.  I hate feeling helpless and just waiting.  Not my forte.  Fortunately, we have a wonderful home teacher who went out with his wife and gave moral support.

"Whiteboard" for Aaron's room
You can't see it, but the fabric has
stitched Winnie-the-Pooh
characters in the blocks.  Very cute.
Aaron has been doing really well.  He's enjoyed having his nurses here around the clock.  His sleep schedule is completely messed up, but that means that generally each one gets awake and asleep time with him.

Board that hangs in the kitchen.
It has a creamy textured fabric
backing.  Now I just need a
decent whiteboard marker!
Because of the shoulder, I'm doing the one-handed typing thing right now.  It makes it pretty slow, but I did find another project to work on.  I've been trying to come up with some cute chalkboard ideas to write reminders, etc on for the kids.  Only problem, I seem to be the only one around here who doesn't have a problem with chalkboards.  Whiteboards was what I was told would be better.  But I don't really like the basic whiteboard look.  And have you looked at the nicer ones lately?  Pricey!  So I started looking into how to make your own.  Turns out that glass, or a fiberglass substitute, make great whiteboards.  Wait a minute.  I've got picture frames.  And I've got fabric.  So I grabbed them (slowly, shoulder, you know) and brought them upstairs.  It was a little tricky working with just my left hand, but I think they turned out okay.  Not bad for materials on hand and an hour or so (again, because I'm doing everything so SLOOOOOOW these days.)

Obstacles are those frightful things you see 
when you take your eyes off your goal.
              Henry Ford


  1. Oh I miss Aaron. He is getting so big. The other night I was at Primary's and I wondered if you were there and I told my friend and she sad she knew you from the PICU. JO Overton. Her son is there a lot also.

    1. Yeah, they are there a lot! We miss you, too! You seriously need to come by sometime. Give me a call!