Friday, April 17, 2015

Hanging in There!

Well, we think we know what it is.  And even better, we're handling things at home!

It looks like the culprit is a tummy bug.  The good news is that while others who've had it were kneeling at the porcelain throne, Aaron's is coming out the other end.  (TMI?  Sorry.)

His fever has broken and he's tolerating his feedings just fine.  And our chunky monkey has some calories to spare (kinda like Mom) so he's in good shape there.  We're just very grateful for an abundance of diapers, chux, and a fabulous washing machine right now.

We've started running Pedialyte between his feedings to help make up for the fluids he's losing, but he's holding his own.  His oxygen has even remained stable through the whole thing, 4 1/2 liters, which is on the high side but totally doable!

He's still pretty lethargic, sleeping most of the time, and not moving much when he's awake.  But that's okay.  His little body needs the rest.  Which he can get, 'cause he's at home, with no IV, no round the clock vitals, and no poking and prodding before he really wants to be awake.  Well, not much anyway.

Funny the things you learn to be grateful for, huh?

 All that we behold is full of blessings. ~William Wordsworth

P.S.  Thanks to some very generous off-line donations, our GoFundMe account is half-way there.  If you've got a little extra to spare to help us along the way, we'd be so grateful.  Really looking forward to this summer!

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