Saturday, December 10, 2011

We're Crafty LIke That, or Maybe Not

Every so often I get these great ideas!  See, I love Christmas, love everything about it.  This year I saw these really cute, easy (?) cookies and thought they'd make great gifts.  We could all decorate them together for Family Home Evening and give them to friends and teachers.  Family togetherness, what fun!  (put aside for the moment the thought that FHE is the fight that begins and ends with prayer)  Here's what they look like (on the web).  Easy right?  Yeah, probably.

 So we got things together.  Michael and I made the sugar cookie dough before school on Monday so it could chill.  Then before dinner, the kids helped make the cookies.  So far so good.

 But then came the decorating.  Yeah, the marshmallows worked well, but that was pretty straight forward.  Then came the fun.  And it was fun.  But the results, not quite what we had planned.  Here's what it all looked like at our house:

 Deborah actually worked on trying to make hers turn out right.  The boys, they mostly wanted to just pile on the frostings.

Jonathan at the frosting bowl.  Yeah, that's how
 to make weight before a wrestling match.
Yeah, teen age boys and sugar.  They love it.    I think we'll be figuring out something else to do for those edible gifts.  But then,  I don't think anyone was upset or angry.  Just lots of laughter and fun.  And I guess that's what Family Home Evening is supposed to be about.

David figured he'd just skip the cookie part
 and go for the straight sugar.

If you want to try this, we found them here:


  1. Ok cute Idea!!! Those cookies are so cute and look yummy as they melt in your mouth he he :)