Saturday, November 5, 2011

Home Vent!

Home Vent!!
Home Vent!!  We switched over about two hours ago, and he’s doing great so far.  He’s even on 1 ½ liters of oxygen!  He did really well all day on 40% oxygen bled into the hospital vent and the same vent settings as his home one, so this evening, we thought we’d try to switch back.  He had been on better settings on the hospital vent, but our home one isn’t as sensitive and can’t be programmed the same way.  Hopefully, it all goes well.

One year ago after g-tube/nissen surgery

One year ago today, we came in for a g-tube and nissen surgery.  That surgery saved his life.  Unknown to us, Aaron’s airway was collapsing, or actually, collapsed.  Without that surgery, we would not have known.   I don’t think he would have made it another week.  Thanks to many people involved in his care, many prayers, and the grace of God, we still have our little guy. 

Today I’m grateful for medical technology and those who use it to help us enjoy life.  Today we have a 15 pound portable machine that does the work that the iron lungs did when children of my father’s generation had polio. 

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