Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christ and Christmas Music

Christmas approaches and carols are ringing.  For those who perform Christmas music, the tunes began many weeks ago.  I am privileged to participate in a community Christmas choir called Joyful Christmas Sounds.  I've found some of my favorite carols this way.  "Were You There When the Angels Sang?" by Marvin Payne, "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree", and many more.  It's wonderful to sing under Marvin's direction.

I've always loved music.  Back when I was a small child, I loved to sing.  Now, it wasn't pleasant to listen to.  I didn't know this until years later when I found a tape recording I made and it was AWFUL!  It finally dawned on me why they made a children's choir.  It was to get me OUT of the adult one.  Picture a very enthusiastic nine-year-old who really should be singing 2nd alto but thinks she sings 1st soprano.  Yeah, not a good sound.  Bless my mother and the other adults who never told me how hard it was to listen to me.  Eventually, someone suggested I try the alto part and sat me next to another strong alto.  And I learned to hear it, and my soul learned to feel the Holy Spirit through music more than any other medium.

I missed singing last year with the choir last year.  Aaron was just so fragile, not to mention that we lived at the hospital for most of November and the first part of December.  But this year, I've been fortunate enough to participate again.  We are singing several pieces from the Messiah.  We're also singing a Latin piece called Pie Jesu.  It's a John Rutter piece from his Requiem.  A beautiful song, it is for a funeral.  Marvin mentioned that it might seem odd to be doing it, but that we'd understand how it fit in.  I think it is very appropriate.

I love to sing the songs of our Savior's birth.  I love to rejoice and sing the Hallelujah's.  But the truth is, without the atonement, the crucifixion and resurrection, it would have been just another birth.  This life is just an intermediate stop.  Without the rebirth that springs from the resurrection, all hope would be lost.  So I don't think it's at all odd to be pleading with the Savior to grant eternal and everlasting rest.  Death is a part of the plan.  Because of our Savior, it is not the end of the plan, only a part of it.

So, I will joyfully sing "Unto Us a Child is Born" and about "The Glory of the Lord."  I will plead with the rest of the choir in "Come, Lord Jesus, Come."  We give all "Glory to God".  And as I practice at home, I sing "Still, Still, Still" another favorite, a lullaby, to Aaron.  But it is His death and resurrection, and the promise that they bring, that is the ultimate reason behind Christmas.  "Christ" means "the anointed one."  He is the One who was anointed before the world began to come to this earth, to teach us the ways of God, and then to offer His perfect life as a sacrifice, meeting the demands of both justice and mercy, so that we can live eternally.  Hallelujah, the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth and He shall reign forever and ever.  Lord of Lords, King of Kings.  My Savior, my brother, my friend.


Thankful Thoughts:
Monday, November 14:  I'm grateful for albuterol, and that it acts fast.  It's so great to be able to see Aaron go from struggling to really comfortable and happy within just minutes.  I'm grateful for those who have developed these medications and for those who have taught me how to take care of my baby.

Tuesday, November 15:  I'm grateful for a job that lets me work my own hours from wherever I am.  There aren't many things I can do because we can need to leave at any time and spend unknown days at the hospital.  But my job is anywhere I can get an internet access and I have a 29 hour turn-around on what is usually a 3-6 hour assignment.  Any my supervisor has been great to tell me to just let them know if I need additional time off in regards to Aaron.

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