Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Pixie Dust


It’s happening, it’s really happening! 

We’re getting sprung this morning (or afternoon).

See that dark red vial of “stuff”?  It’s packed red blood cells, and I’m convinced, a bit of pixie dust.  

Aaron is doing sooooo much better.  In fact, if I hadn’t had to work last night, we probably would have just gone home. But by the time we made it through the 24 hours post-transfusion, there wasn’t time to get us home before I was working.  So he stayed the night one more time, but this time on the floor.  

I called the hospital at break and he was awake and playing on ten liters.  He was still on ten when I got back about 3 am, but asleep, so I asked if we could turn him down.  He ended up on 4, FOUR liters!!  And there he stayed until he was getting breathing treatments this morning when he came all the way up to FIVE!!!  


So we’re outa here.  He’ll be at home for at least the next few days and then after that, we’ll see.  He’s continued having afternoon fevers and those may stick around for the next few weeks.  In a normal year (what’s that anyway?) it’s not cool to send a kid to school with any kind of fever.  And this year?  Yeah, just not happening.  

But that’s okay.  We’ll be at home where we can see family again, I won’t have a commute, and I can fall into bed just after signing off work.  A real bed, you know, not the chair that folds down that has been masquarading as a bed for the past 2+ weeks.  It’s good, it’s very good.

“All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.”

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  1. Hope you made it home and are enjoying the simple pleasures of being back home.