Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's That Time of Year!

It's March, the third month, tri- and all of that.  So naturally, it's Trisomy awareness month.  Before Aaron, I really had no idea what  Trisomy was, or even that it existed.  I knew (sorta) about Downs Syndrome, but not that it involved chromosomes or anything.  Really, I pretty much knew nothing.

But we all have chromosomes, most of us have 46 of them, 23 pairs, one of each from mom and one from dad.  If you're missing a chromosome you have a monosomy, if you've got an extra, it's trisomy.  And there you have it.

But just like in a recipe, you can't take half an ingredient out, or add in another half of one ingredient and expect to get the same results.  So when the chromosomes get changed, so does the way the body reads the "code."  And that's how we got our Aaron.

There was nothing we did, or didn't do, that caused it.  Except sometimes we wonder if God knew we needed him in our lives to help us get where we need to be.  Whatever it is or was, we're grateful for His sending Aaron to our home.

So my focus this month is on sharing what we've learned by having Aaron in our lives.  Today's just kinda a down and dirty "this is trisomy" one.  But check out how much he's grown!  The ultrasound was about five years ago, and the picture of he and Michael was from this week.  He LOVES it when his big brother climbs in bed and reads to him.  Just like the others, I think he's got the book bug.

I may not get something put up each day on his blog, so feel free to "like" his Facebook page and catch the glimpses into our crazy, mixed-up, wonderful life.

Knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes.  

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