Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 A couple weeks ago we started a round of graduations.  Aaron made it to the grade school ones, but we left him home for David's.  Too many people in too tight of quarters.  Plus, by some accounts, it took 2 1/2 - 3 hours! to get out of the parking lot after the high school graduation.  He was much happier playing at home with his nurse.

David, seminary graduation.  For more about this night, see
the post, My Savior, My Friend.

Taking a picture in front on our sign, 
"Return with Honor" 
is a tradition in our home.  It reminds all of us
that we need to be careful of our actions and words
while we are here so we can not only return with 
our honor intact when we come back through the door,
but also when we return to our heavenly home.
All our first day of school pictures are taken here, as are 
date pictures and other special occasions, like seminary graduation.

Kindergarten graduation came next.
The older kids all thought perhaps the
high school should adopt these hats.
They thought the stars were a great touch.
High School Graduate!

David and Michael after graduation.
Michael's thinking this hat is pretty
cool, too.  At least he doesn't have
to be careful to hold his head still
to keep it on!

Joseph gets two rank advancements
at a court of honor.
Joseph and his best friend, Max.
6th Grade graduation.

David receives his very last merit badge.  His 132nd!
He set a goal as an 11-year old scout to get every
single merit badge.  He finished his last one the night
before his 18th birthday.  Now that's perseverance!

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