Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fleece Blankets and a Completed Eagle Project

The Eagle Project is done!  (or at least the working portion of it, he's still working on the paperwork)  Thank you so much to everyone who donated.

There were a lot of donations of fleece material, and over $300 in cash.  Most of this came from other families who have also experienced lengthy hospital stays.

Matthew organized and oversaw the completion of 78 fleece blankets to be given to children who are in-patient at Primary Children's Medical Center.  Last Saturday, they were delivered to the Stobbes who collect and organize them.  He was told that this was the largest single donation of blankets that they had ever received.

This will be such a blessing in so many lives.  A blanket around the shoulders, pulled tight, can feel like a hug.  Love is conveyed in each one.

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  1. I am tearing up! My daughter is in the hospital right now, and upon admission, she received a blanket from the Linus Project (same idea). It was such a warm feeling to know someone put such effort and love into the blankets given to the ill children, who need that affection the most when they are sick. Thank you for the Eagle Project!!! You are selflessly affecting others in a positive way! <3