Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Still Looking

CT brain scan, thankfully negative.
We still don't know what's going on.  We're grasping at straws.  

 ENT said it's "possible" his right ear is having issues, but not definite, and it's "more than likely" that it's perforated given that there was a little bit of drainage in there, so they stopped his systemic antibiotics, started him on ear drops, and sent the little bit they could get for cultures.

Cardio came by and discussed possible blood infections and what that could mean for his heart, and maybe fungal infections and what those could mean for his heart or brain.  Just an FYI, those are not happy things.

We discussed seizures.  We discussed lungs.  We discussed possible trach infections.  He popped another fever.   He's sleeping.  

He IS stable.  Just really sick.  But he's still stable enough that we're on the floor where the doc is committed to getting to the bottom of this and getting him back to baseline.

Honestly, this is a "bounce back."  We never got better.  It's the same thing, and no one likes bounce backs, least of all us.  So there really is no news, but at least you know there's no news.  And it's making it really hard to focus on school, both the things I'm trying to learn and the students I'm supposed to be helping.  

Poor kiddo.  He's just wiped out.

The difference between the difficult and the impossible is that 
the impossible takes a little longer time. 
~Lady Aberdeen

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