Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Some Progress

So last night we increased his support settings on his ventilator and started steriods.  It helped, some.

This morning the decision was made to hold physical and occupational therapy since he really went downhill after that, continue steriods, lower his oxygen parameters (at cardiology’s recommendation) and to consider a transfusion tomorrow, you know, give him more little red blood cells to be able to carry that oxygen around.

All in all, it has been an okay day.  We haven’t had to bag him.  That’s a victory.  He’s still really high on his oxygen and his support, but the big bad vent is outside the room waiting for us to need it, and we haven’t.  He’s been tired and slept a lot, but that’s probably due to his almost all night party last night.  He’s happy.  I’ll take it.

Sorry it’s such a short update, but that’s pretty much what’s happening here.  We keep trying to move forward, one baby step at a time.

“We tend to forget that baby steps still move you forward.”
Author Unknown

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