Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No Answers Yet...

We don't have any answers yet.

Yesterday I got a call from our ENT's office.  They had the notes and wanted to put him on penicillin.  Which would be great if it worked.  It won't.  I asked her to double check the sensitivities again, because I was under the impression that there were no oral medications that would work.

Thank heavens for a frustrated pediatrician last week who went over everything with me.

The report was worded in a confusing way, and at first glance, it did look like there were some that wouldn't work, but others that would.  And again, I mean, it's an ear infection!   Really, those should clear up with almost any antibiotic.

When she reread it, she realized that wouldn't work and sent it back to the ENT to review and called me back today.

For now, we're going to be doing vinegar rinses to try to clean it out.  Nope, probably not going to fix everything, but it won't hurt it.  And vinegar does have some antibacterial properties.  Then next Thursday (9 days from now) we'll head on up for a look at things.  He's booked way out, but they're double booking us on this one.

And Aaron?  Well, there's "something" going on.  He's not tolerating being off the vent quite as well. His heart rate has been a little higher. And on Sunday, he ran a low grade fever and was really miserable.  Like, every time I shifted him in bed crying miserable.  Let me tell you, my mind went places no mama's mind should ever have to go.  But he weathered the night well, and he was happy again on Monday.

A small part of me wants to believe he just wanted to play hooky from school.

But he's more "mellow" than usual, and sleeping a bit more than he has been.  I'm pretty sure it's the ears.  After all, pain is exhausting, and ear pain is just plain awful.

So we're hoping.  Hoping that we can come up with a good plan to keep this in check.  Can I say, I'm really not a big fan of an antibiotic resistant bacteria being loose in my little guy's body.  But if we can keep it to a colonization level and not an active infection level, well, I guess we'll go with that.

I woke this morning to a picture on my Facebook news feed of a kiddo who had gone in for a fairly straightforward surgery yesterday.  He won't be struggling with the recovery, but his family sure will.  Another little guy, T18 like Aaron, is also having a really rough time up at Primary's.  Tomorrow isn't a given.  Not for them, not for us, not for anyone.  Savor your children.  Be there,  Love them and make sure they know it.

Make the most of your time with others.  Now is all we're guaranteed.

"Spend the afternoon. You can't take it with you." ~Annie Dillard

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