Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Countdown Clock

And the countdown clock has started.

I've felt almost like I was living a Groundhog Day type existence.  Every day, starting on Saturday, it was "he's looking so good, not tomorrow, but home probably on ________ (insert the next day)"  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

He made it back to his home vent on Saturday evening on about ten liters.  And most of the time since then, he's been up there.  When he was asleep, we might get to seven, but not really below that.

Then this morning, I woke up and found him on 2.  Yeah, TWO!!!  He was sound asleep, but still!

So start the clock.  He needs to be consistently five liters or less for 24 hours.

And sometimes we've had to stop the clock.  I mean, that's what the countdown is for, to make sure he really can handle it.  But so far, he's below four and active and playing.

We're hoping...

The birds of hope are everywhere, listen to them sing. 
~Terri Guillemets

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  1. I would love reading your blog if I only knew you online. But I love it even more since we are real life friends! And no matter how tough things are, your posts always resonate with hope! I love, love, love this countdown clock! Go, Aaron!