Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's Almost Here....

The Four Seasons, by Aaron
Tomorrow, tomorrow!!  It's coming tomorrow!

It's SOFT conference time and I am sooooo excited.  Excited to meet (in person) so many families we've connected with online.

Michael's Firework painting
This has been two years in the making.

We've had so much help getting here.  Friends and family donated to our GoFundMe page which made it possible to go.  We had a sponsor that helped us participate in the SOFT 5K on Aaron's birthday.
Filet Crochet Angel baby

We've been making things for the SOFT auction, and signed up for the Stroll for Hope.  (If you haven't donated and still want to help, you can donate here.)

Filet Crochet Butterfly

Our family's Stroll for Hope theme is going to be All American Boy.  (We thought about doing a Harry Potter "The Boy who Lived" but figured black robes on a July afternoon might be a bit warm.)

The auctions, the Stroll for Hope, and the SOFT 5K all raise money for research and helping families like ours attend conferences like this. This research has helped give kids like Aaron a chance.  It's shown that medical interventions like trachs DO work and our kids not only survive, but thrive with them.

Leather Mouse Pad

Deborah has been making paracord bracelets for the kids to bid on in SOFT colors, red, yellow and blue.

Today Michael and Aaron made painting for a silent auction during the Welcome Dinner on Thursday night.
Set of four leather drink coasters

And I'm hoping I get some sleep tonight.

I think we're ready.  I can't wait.

“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting” 

― Andy Warhol

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