Saturday, November 29, 2014

Doing Better, For Now

Aaron's actually doing really well, at least right now.  In fact, he's been on home vent AND oxygen settings now for several hours.  We even transferred out of the PICU and onto the floor this afternoon.

IF (and notice that's a great big "if") he can stay here, we'll come home in a couple of days.  But the challenge is that they don't expect these viruses to peak for another 24-48 hours.  And remember, there are two different respiratory issues that he tested positive for.

Plus, he's starting to get more junky and we're pulling more "stuff" coming out of his trach. (Better out than in, right?) So we'll see what happens.

Right now, we're hanging out on the floor, continuing breathing treatments and all that jazz.  And we've even had a talk about how this isn't supposed to be a field trip to the floor, but rather the step towards going home.  But at the same time, if he struggles again, the PICU is only an elevator ride away, instead of an ambulance ride.

And it has been kinda fun to see some of the staff that I call friends up here.  I first met our PICU nurse over four years ago, on his very first trip here, with heart failure.  Over time, she's held my hand, taught me, cried with me and mostly, laughed with me.  It's been so good to catch up with her as she cared for Aaron over the past two days.  Plus, it was fun for her to see how big he is.  When she first had him, he was only just over 2 kg, not quite 5 pounds.  Now, he weighs 19 kg, or over 40 pounds.  I love that my son is considered a favorite patient, that he provides a pick-me-up for his nurses.

So we'll do what we have to, and make it home when we can.  But at least tonight, I'm cautiously optimistic that we won't be here too long.  That may change, but hey, live in the moment, right?

If you could travel back in time to the present moment, what would you do differently? ~Robert Brault

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