Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trisomy Siblings

Because I pray for all of my children,
not just Aaron.
March is Trisomy Awareness Month.  You know, the third month, tri-, all that stuff?  Anyway, thought I'd tell you a little bit about Aaron's siblings.

There are those that might think that Aaron's challenges rule the world around here.  And sometimes, occasionally, they are in the forefront.  But that also usually means there's sirens in the air and an ambulance pulling up. 

So what does a trisomy sibling do at our house?

Well they build cars for a Pinewood Derby (complete with the local high school colors!).

 They excel in academics 
Jonathan is Lone Peak's Math Sterling Scholar
Andrew at the district science fair.

They participate in soccer, plays and baseball.

They sing.

They go to school.

They serve missions.

They dance.

They goof off.

Yes, Michael is wearing David's LEG brace
on his WAIST.

They play.

Yeah, they may know a little (okay, a LOT) more medical terms than most grown-ups.  They know how and when to adjust oxygen.  They know how to tell if he's being silly or needs some help.  And as someone point out on Sunday evening, our dinnertime conversation may be peppered with talk that could cause indigestion for tender tummies.  (Stomas, trachs and snot anyone? Sorry.)

But most of all, they're kids, siblings, complete with all the goofiness, rivalry and messy rooms that come with growing up.  Yeah, most of all, they're more LIKE other kids than DIFFERENT.  And frankly, so is Aaron. 

I brought children into this dark world 
because it needed the light that only a child can bring. 
~Liz Armbruster


  1. I really love Arron and his siblings. This is one amazing family. (And a normal one also.)
    Nurse Robin