Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Closer Look

I love this poem, written by another mom.  Her little boy has a different disorder.  He also looks "different."  I hope others can see beneath the "different" to the precious souls who enrich our lives so much.


A Closer Look

Please take a closer look at me,
not what you see but what's beneath.
To you I may not look the same
as others who have come your way.
But my face does grin when I am glad,
and my eyes cry when I am sad.
I need comfort when I'm in pain.
Will you take a look again?
My heart beats the same as yours,
can you try not to overlook-
that I am human just as you,
and I need love and acceptance too.
God creates each of his children,
with no mistakes when sent from heaven.
So before you point at me and laugh,
take time to know the other half.
The part of me that doesn't show-
you will change your mind I know.
My soul is gentle and I am kind,
stength and faith I have inside.
I hope someday you will believe,
that we are not so different, see.
And at the end of everyday,
I close my eyes real tight and pray
that someday you won't turn your head,
but get to know who I am instead.
I am more than just the face you see.
Will you please take a closer look at me?

.BY Carmen Anita Mickley .

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  1. Wow - what a powerful poem !!! - if only others knew how enriched our lives are with our precious little babies :)