Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Heavy Heart

Today's been a rough day.  Not so much for Aaron as for me.  I'll write more about that later, when I've had some time to put together my thoughts.  But the hardest part was a phone call that came just as we got home from Matthew's concert tonight.  A beautiful baby girl was born with T18 to a family out in Eagle Mountain.  We've tried a few times to set up a meeting, to get together.  Each time, one of our babies would be struggling a little, so we put it off.  Last night, little Alayna grew her angel wings and went home.  I am so heartbroken for her family.  I feel badly for each family I know of, but some just hit a whole lot harder than others.  I just hurt so badly for them.


  1. I was going to go take pictures of her but I had a cough so I didn't :( I hear she was so beautiful!!! I am so sorry! xxoxoxo

  2. I was wrong, we had baby born yesterday with T18. It was a boy and we don't know how he is. Last night he was doing ok. Sorry It sounded similar so I thought it was the same story.