Thursday, October 26, 2023

Little Things Aren't So Little

We're here, still, for who knows how long. 

He finished his antibiotics on Wednesday.

Labs looked really good!

He didn't.

Both the doctor and I weren't thrilled with him.  I mean, he plays, he's interactive, but not nearly as much as he usually is. He's more tired. 

So the plan was finish antibiotics on Wednesday. Do a CBC to check his white blood count Thursday. Go home on Thursday as long as it looked good, and it should, right??

Nope. It was up again this morning. Not a lot, but some. So out of an abundance of caution ('cause I really HATE bounce backs) we decided we'd do another CBC this evening about the time I got off work. If it was good, we'd go home. 

We're not going home. 

It's up even more. (12 and above is considered elevated. It was 14 this morning, 18 tonight.)

So yeah...

But the title? Seriously, little things are so big!

When the WBC came back at 18, the doctor decided to get another chest x-ray. Usually they just bring a portable machine. I mean, it takes quite the entourage to move this kid when he's inpatient: nurse, tech, RT and often one or two others as well. But I guess the doctor wanted the more precise x-ray so they took him downstairs.

As I came through the door, the tech who had been on the unit with him was leaving for the day. She stopped me to tell me they had taken him downstairs for x-ray and were almost done, but that his room was empty. She wanted to give me a heads up.

Do you have any idea what it would have done to me to get up here with an empty room and no warning?? I mean, I would have gotten over it quickly, but still, those heart-stopping few seconds before I knew...

Such a little thing she did. A few seconds is all it took. I'm sure she was tired and it wouldn't have ultimately changed the outcome. But with everything else I had going on, it would have taken a bit of a toll. One more stress. One more anxious moment. And she prevented it. 

Then there was dinner: a group came and put together a fairly simple but yummy meal. Another stress break. Something else I didn't have to think about. So grateful for their service.

Those are the things that make keeping on happen. They are the moments that brighten the heart and lift the soul. So many people tell me they "don't know how you do it."  Well, this is how. I'm blessed and lifted by so many.  And I'm so grateful. 

"While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary."
Matt Bevin

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