Friday, October 21, 2016

Minion on the Move

We made it home!

This hospital stay really started to weigh on Aaron especially.  Each day he got less and less interested in interacting.  Fewer smiles, more tuned out.

But oh boy, put him in his bed in his house?  Wild man returned in force!  He couldn't stop smiling and talking and laughing, and setting off his alarms because he was laughing so hard.  (The ventilator thinks laughing is breathing, and it was too fast.)

He's still sick.  In fact, the snot factory is in full force.  And his oxygen needs have been all over the place, like as low as 1 liter (haven't seen that in forever) and as high as 12.  But we're handling things here at home.  Right this very minute, he's singing in there.  And his smiles make it all worthwhile.

"The best journey takes you home."
Author Unknown


  1. There's no place like home. So glad you made it back.

  2. I love that! So glad you're home Aaron - it's the best place! I remember Lilly used to get so mad at being at the hospital. She never was as annoyed as she was when she was there. :)