Thursday, April 21, 2016

Optional vs Required

There are lots of optional activities:

Soccer or dance.  Running or walking.  Even sleeping (sorta).

You can chose to eat white or wheat bread, or even no bread at all.

You can chose what to wear, where to go, even whether or not to shower, although you may find fewer people want to be around you if you don't.

But breathing??

Breathing is not optional!!!!  

Can someone please clue Aaron in?  

Asthma is going crazy.  We're now on breathing treatments every two hours and have started an emergency course of steroids.  We've bagged him a few different times already this week.  

I love our gorgeous spring weather.  I'm hating what all the pollens are doing to him.  Praying we can weather this bump at home.  

Saturday vs today.  

Oh, and Matthew  has his LDS mission call.  He's opening it tomorrow night.  How can I be old enough for my FIFTH child to be doing this??

He lives most life whoever breathes most air. 
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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