Sunday, June 21, 2015

Big Day Tomorrow

Here I am hanging at Cub Scout Day Camp last week with my family.  Daddy was in charge, Mom did registration, Michael was a cub scout there, and David, Deborah, Matthew and Joseph (plus a whole bunch of others) ran the stations.

I had LOTS of fun smiling at the kids.  Then I had to leave to go get my monthly lab work done.  I think I got jipped.

But anyway, tomorrow morning, bright and early (6 a.m. check-in!!) I'm heading up to Primary's for a heart cath.

I'm pretty sure it will be just fine.  I mean, I'm going to be asleep.  But Mom's a little nervous.  I guess there's this whole thing about my platelets being low most of the time, and me liking to keep bleeding.

They're going up into my heart (yeah, like INTO) my heart with a tiny catheter to measure how my lungs and heart are doing.  They'll use my femoral artery, down in my leg, to put it in me.

Anyway, my cool cardio doc said since it's been two years from my last one, and it's summer so there shouldn't be as many germs around, it's a good time to get it done.

Mom will try to keep people updated, but it will probably be on the Facebook page.  Sending out lots of love  to everyone!  Keep Smilin'!!

Optimism is the foundation of courage. ~Nicholas Murray Butler


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  2. The last comment didn't show the cute heart.
    Sending prayers and hugs for you and your family. May the doctors and nurses be guided and inspired. We love you!