Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy Thoughts

You can see his gap-toothed grin.
Somehow, it was that upper middle
tooth that was so loose that it needed
to come out in the OR.
 Tomorrow Aaron has doctor's appointments.  Tomorrow I worry.  Not a lot, but some.  He's having more trouble with his feedings over the past several weeks.  I worry that he's developing an intolerance for his formula.  That the retching that's coming with almost every single feeding will impact his already fragile lungs and heart.  And I worry that his heart disease has progressed (more than it should have) in the past nine months.

But the good part is, when Dr. M told us to come back this fall, he also laughed and said he knew he'd see us before then.  'Cause this kid has NEVER managed to make it as long as he was "supposed" to between cardio visits.  But this time he did.  Still, I'm concerned about what tomorrow's EKG and echo are going to reveal.

But there's nothing I can do about that tonight, so tonight I'm going to focus on the happy things.  As I'm typing, Aaron is "singing" in the next room, telling stories to his elephant and other toys.  He's happy, so I'm happy.

He's had a great time at school.  He smiled through church.  Today was the Primary Program (annual children's program) at church. Each child has a part.  But with Aaron being nonverbal, plus that lovely respiratory garbage going around, we didn't put him on the stand with the others.

However, I will always be grateful to his leaders for recognizing that he IS a part of our Primary, just like every other child.  They gave him a part and Michael acted as his voice.  His class's theme was "I can show my love for my family by _______."  No contest there. The word for Aaron was "smiling."  Except I have to admit, I teared up along with my smiles.

So here is what I'm focusing on tonight, trying to shove those nasty dark thoughts away:

Cute little sweetheart from church.
Whenever she saw Aaron, she would
come right over for me to pick her up
so she could see him.

Playing the drum during therapy at school, and loving it!

Our annual local SOFT picnic.  And we didn't
end up in the hospital this time either!  Each
of the four children pictured have either T18 or T13.

Doing a "cause and effect" therapy with Michael
on the tablet that someone so very generously
gifted him with.  We use it SOOO much!

Watching Sesame Street on that same
wonderful gift.

Happiness is a form of courage. ~Holbrook Jackson

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