Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Approaching the Corner??

Turns out he’s growing THREE bugs down in his lungs, pseudomonas plus two others.  The third popped up yesterday morning and isn’t covered by the antibiotics he was already on.  Seems that Septra is one of the few that take care of it.  (I’ll have to ask again what it is, didn’t ring a bell with me.)  Anyway, they put Septra on board yesterday afternoon along with his new airway therapies.  And I’m cautiously optimistic that we may have at least found the corner, even if we haven’t turned it yet.  This morning he’s on 75% oxygen, which is less than he’s been on for about a week. 
So, my understanding, in non-medical language, is that he caught a really nasty cold which then ended up being a secondary bacterial infection down in his lungs.  He’s still a long ways from where he needs to be, but at least there’s progress.  Baby steps, but that’s okay.  He’s a baby.
We have about four weeks until Thanksgiving.  I’m going to try to remember to write down something I’m specifically grateful for each day until then.
November 1st, I’m grateful for teachers who are willing to go above and beyond in helping my other children stay on top of their school work, and to help me know when they aren’t.  I’m grateful my husband is helping them stay on top of that same homework while I’m gone (and often even when I’m there!).
November 2nd, I’m grateful for a hospital staff that is so invested in Aaron.  I can’t walk or sit anywhere without someone asking about him and how he’s doing.  Doctors, nurses, respiratory techs, social workers, cleaning people and even the ladies who manage the hospitality cart.  They genuinely care.  And two days ago, a nurse who hasn’t had him for months, finished our conversation by saying, “I will pray for him.”  That meant so much to me.

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