Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Love Looks Like

Aaron's getting big.  Which is a good thing!  This tiny kiddo is growing right up.  I think he finally made it into 3 month clothes around nine months old.

I know he had barely grown out of his preemie clothes and into newborns at four months.  But he's really made up for it since then.

Cuddling with Gramma and Grampa on his new rocker.

He's four years old, almost 40 pounds, and wearing 5T clothes.  He's bigger than any of his older siblings were at this age, but he still struggles with muscle control, and really, he still needs the support a baby gets.

I've had a wonderful, high quality rocker, a gift from my aunt and uncle that has seen thousands of hours of use.  But it's been getting a little small for our needs.  It's gotten harder to hold and cuddle him in there.

So when my parents were here in May, I asked my dad if he'd ever seen plans for a glider loveseat, or something like that.  Something I could comfortably cuddle with Aaron and rock him.  My dad is an AMAZING woodworker.  Frankly, it's a passion for him.

He and Mom took pictures of my rocker from just about every angle, wrote down measurements, and he said he'd see what he could come up with.

Oh, my....

They brought it up this past week, and dreams and hopes just didn't do it justice.  He even did the cut outs underneath and the carvings on the ends.

It is sooooooo comfortable.  And so incredibly beautiful.  And it adds so much to Aaron's quality of life.  It's much easier to rock and cuddle with him.

And even Andrew can get him in and out of bed and rock him now.  With the other one, he needed to be sitting already and try to balance him on his lap.  And heaven help us if Aaron decided he was wiggly.

Six months of loving, painstaking attention to detail.  Six months of measuring, measuring, and then cutting, sanding, carving, polishing.  I have no idea how to say "thank you" for this.  So often it's a struggle around here to make things work, make them comfortable.  I am completely overwhelmed.  

 Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. ~Jean Anouilh


  1. I am so thrilled with the pictures of Aaron being held on the glider. What a wonderful blessing to have parents who give so much of themselves for the benefit of others. I think the best way to say thank you is to keep cuddling & loving your family. :-)

  2. So beautiful! I love it and Aaron looks so happy with it too :)

  3. What an incredible gift! A heirloom for sure. I know you will treasure every minute you have with Aaron, snuggling on the glider. (as you treasure every minute everywhere else!)

  4. You say "Thank You" by using it. Cuddle that sweet miracle every chance you have to hold him. And send pictures.

    As a mother, this touches my heart so much be a use I understand the love of a parent that drives someone to do something that will mean this much to your child. As Lily's mother, this has tears in my eyes over the sheer joy it will bring you and Aaron. That quality of life is a big deal!

  5. Dad has a gift for woodworking. Just give it lots of use and send mom and dad lots of pictures of it being used. :)