Tuesday, April 11, 2017


 I know, imaginative title.  Sorry.  But writing on the phone is a lot harder than using a computer.  Plus, I'm still working full time which kinda cuts into spare time.

Anyway, Aaron ended up in the PICU Sunday night.  He got, can you guess? Yep, rhino, a cold.  The question really isn't how did he catch it, but how did he manage to go so long without catching one.

The good news is that whether it's because it was more mild than usual, or because he's bigger and stronger, whatever the reason, he's handling it much better than usual.

He was on the hospital vent from Sunday night until this morning, so only about 36 hours, and we're probably heading out tomorrow morning.

Which will be awesome, because he's still a party animal at night, but I'm having to leave by 6 am to get to work each morning. This is what he was doing when I left this morning.
Notice how he's sideways? When we can't keep him upright, we know he's doing a lot better.

Here's what I came back to.  Made me both smile and laugh.

Yep, looks pretty good.  Love my bug.

 The greatest wealth is health. 

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  1. Like I said before this little guys a champ! A true fighter..Get well soon! Sending hugs and blessings to Aaron and your family xoxo