Friday, November 28, 2014

Here We Go Again

I was really hoping to be thankful for not needing medical help this weekend. Instead, I'm grateful for them. Yep, we're back again.

Aaron started needing more oxygen yesterday.  Not a whole lot more, but some. And he wasn't able to come down at all during the night, which is kind of unusual.  But overall, he was pretty good.

This morning I left to (try to) get some dental fillings for a couple of the boys. It didn't work so well. Just before they started on Joseph, Deborah called and Aaron was in trouble. I felt badly for those listening to my side of the conversation. The looks on their faces was a mixture of horror and pity as we left in a  hurry.

Back home, he was doing okay, sort of. He was really high on his oxygen, about 9 litters, but more or less maintaining.  When he dropped again, and we bagged again, I also changed his vent settings to give him more support. Each time we bagged him, he would actually do okay for a little while. Unlike past times, he would hang on for a bit and then slowly drift down.

I finally gave up at about noon and called for back-up. And the verdict? Rhinovirus and enterovirus. I'm glad we came when we did. Here's hoping it doesn't get too ugly.

Timing really is nearly everything. And what it isn't, circumstance makes up for.
Steven Van Zandt

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  1. I predict some of your kids end up in the medical profession.