Sunday, March 6, 2016

We're Home, It's Good

Forgive me if this is a bit short on words.  We're kinda short on sleep here.

But Aaron did get to come home last night.  Nothing grew out in his blood labs and he returned to good spirits, and kept his oxygen needs down.

He's also gotten really, REALLY good at pulling his ear protector off.

We all got to celebrate David's birthday tonight with him as he and Mary came home from BYU to be with us.  Aaron even joined us for the celebration.  Just missing Jonny on his mission.

And yes, Aaron comes by his goofy, playful nature honestly.  It seems all of my boys share that same affliction.

Now if we can just convince him to leave that bandage/cup alone until next Thursday.  If you see me sporting a few bald patches, you'll know I'm pulling my own hair out.

That's okay.  It's all good.  I'll take this any day over my still, sad little man that we had on Friday.

Having a place to go — is a home. Having someone to love — is a family. Having both — is a blessing. 
~Donna Hedges

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