Saturday, September 14, 2013

Attempting the Jump!

This afternoon, about 5 p.m., Aaron was switched from the hospital vent (the Draeger) to his home Trilogy ventilator.  He's on a LOT of oxygen right now, 12 liters, but if he can maintain himself on his regular vent, it's a huge step in the right direction.  As long as he's looking good, they'll run a couple labs in the morning just to check.  And even if we have to call off the trial, he's still moving in the right direction.  He may just not be quite as far along as he needs to be.

The machine in the background, the one on standby, that's the hospital vent.  The one in the front is his ventilator.  Here's hoping we can keep the setup the way it is.  It's one more step on our way out of here.

And if he needs more time, well, that's okay.  Ever since he perked up on Tuesday, since he got that "spark" back, I knew that we could work through this.  So it's all good.  It just takes time.  And that's something that we can give him.

Time! The corrector when our judgments err.
-Lord Byron

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