Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Home, Sweet Home

Someone's happy to be home.
We're back at home, and it's really nice.  Made even nicer by what the kids did while I was gone.  Deborah, Michael and Andrew vacuumed, mopped, clean the bathrooms, and even made my bed for me.  SOOOO nice to walk into a clean house.  Bonus, Deborah's got plans for meals for the next few days and she's also got the boys helping her with that, too.  I may have to check out more often, just not to the hospital, please.

We really have no new answers.  And no guarantee that he won't pull another "stunt."  I've now bagged him three times in less than 48 hours.  But we've got a couple more tools in the toolbox, probably most notably instructions to increase vent settings if it happens again.

It's kind of funny.  If he dropped his oxygen saturations in the hospital, that would earn him another eight hours in the PICU.  If it happens at home, I'll just change him myself, and give pulmonology a call, of course, to update them.  It's just that hospital protocol says that any ventilator settings have to be done in the PICU and observed.  Safety, you know.  Kind of important.

My biggest worry was that he might do it again in the car on the way home.  I feel fairly confident in my ability to handle it here at home and at the hospital there's a whole slew of people to help.  But in the car, in a confined space, with only the oxygen on hand, not so much fun.  (Although we did have extra oxygen with us.)  Thankfully, he did not.

So we'll just keep on keeping on.  But if he and his pulse/ox machine decided to just play nice and not cause any more issues, I would be oh so grateful.  'Cause this mama, right now she's a bit on edge.  And I'd like my own heart rate to go back to a normal level, for a long time.  I'm grateful for the knowledge and the support, but it would be okay if I could just rest before the next time.

“Rest is not idleness, 
and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day 
listening to the murmur of water, 
or watching the clouds float across the sky, 
is hardly a waste of time.”  -Sir John Lubbock  

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