Monday, June 17, 2013

Dream Night 2013

The first Friday in June is Dream Night at the Zoo, an international project started in the Netherlands in 1996.  It's a fun evening out for kids and families who all too often experience not-so-fun times.  This year, we got to go courtesy of HopeKids.

It was a great evening, a chance to experience the "normal" things in life.  Fun to see characters dressed up, enjoy a bird show, and get faces painted.  Fun to check out the bears who were checking us out, too.

See, we wouldn't trade our kids with special needs, I don't think any of us would.  But sometimes all the doctor's visits, therapies, and even just the things involved in going someplace make it hard to get out and go.  You learn to readjust your priorities.  I used to say I really wanted a little Miata.  Now my dream car is a handicap minivan.  Hey, you gotta have dreams, right?

Each year everyone with us gets on the elephant scale.  I'm not sure exactly how accurate it is.  I think Aaron and all his equipment have come in at about 122 pounds each time.  And I KNOW he's grown, a lot!

Anyway, he's certainly not a lightweight.  He's about 32 pounds, his vent is 22, and I'd have to guess at where the oxygen, go-bag, suction and stroller all come in.  See why I'm dreamin' of that minivan where I can just roll him in and strap it all down?

At the elephant show

Checking out the face paint.  Hey, I look cool!

There were some super-cool lego displays there.  Check out my personal monkeys, especially the last one.  Something seems to be a bit odd...

It was nice to just get out, see the animals, enjoy a meal, and relax with the kids.  We look forward to it each year.

It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes. 
-Thomas Aquinas 

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